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Some Like It Cold: Surfing the Malibu of the Midwest...

“If everybody had a Great Lake, across the USA, then everybody'd be surfin', like those guys in Wisconsin. Brats and babes. Rolling out the barrel and shooting the curl. Read all about fifty years of surfing the Great Lakes in Bill Povletich’s brrrrrrrilliant, Gidget-goes-Sheboygan book: Some Like It Cold.”

-- Ben Marcus, former editor of Surfer Magazine & author of The Surfing Handbook

“Bill Povletich’s Some Like it Cold would be fascinating if it was just about surfing in Wisconsin, of all places, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a well-told story of passion, daring, tragedy, triumph and love — a wacky love for the freshwater surf of Sheboygan and the unconditional love shared by the Williams brothers.”

-- Jerry Poling, author of A Summer Up North: Henry Aaron and the Legend of Eau Claire Baseball and Downfield: Untold Stories of the Green Bay Packers.

Some Like It Cold is a great adventure highlighting the good time years of surfing on the Great Lakes of North America. Brothers Williams are true surfers who will do anything and suffer through all the bad stuff, surfing in really cold water and weather to feel the feeling only a surfer knows. A great read for anybody interested in the lesser known history of surfing.”

--John Lyman, Director/The Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum

“In Some Like It Cold, William Povletich weaves the tapestry of a loving, yet unique relationship of two brothers, Lee and Larry Williams, and explores the fascinating culture they have created. What was most surprising to me is how much heart this story has. How do a pair of "Regular Joes" become legends? Because once again, Povletich's unique storytelling prose has struck gold!”

--Doug Russell, Sports Anchor at Radio 620 WTMJ Milwaukee

“Cool story, man!  A small Wisconsin city on the shore of Lake Michigan is known the world over for fresh-water surfing. Some Like It Cold tells how that happened, taking you down to Sheboygan's beaches and catching a vibe that emerged in the '60s and remains strong today. I grew up in Sheboygan, not far from the beach, and Bill Povletich's book takes me right back to that time.”


--Jeff Ash, Green Bay Press-Gazette


“Surfing in Wisconsin?  You bet!  Some Like It Cold is a story that screams to be told.  The ongoing saga of brothers Larry and Lee Williams documents a near five decades deep impassioned love affair with surfing; all this amidst the uncharted wave fields of an inland ocean.  Larry and Lee could have easily pulled up stakes along the way and migrated to the fertile surfing grounds of Southern California & beyond.... but they didn’t.  These guys are on to something and they know it in their hearts.  Follow the Williams brothers and their surfing sub-culture coterie through episodes of life's conquests and tragedies played out in America’s Heartland.”


--Mark Fragale, Curator/Honolulu Surfing Museum


“This perspicacious story about an extraordinary surfing subculture in Wisconsin is also one of brotherly love that even the iciest critic will find heart-warming.”

-- Jenni Herrick, Express Milwaukee


“Every so often I come across a book that reminds me why I love surfing.  Some Like It Cold is one of those books.  If this [book] doesn’t make you want to hop on a plane and head to Sheboygan, then there’s something wrong with you.  For me, it’s a WL Essential.”

--  Drew Sievers, The Waterman’s Library