Some Like It Cold: Surfing the Malibu of the Midwest is as much a celebration of the rich and colorful world of Great Lakes surfing as it is the story of brotherhood. 

    For the past six decades, twin brothers Lee and Larry Williams have been surfing the gnarliest waves despite living nearly 2,000 miles away from any ocean.

    To overcome the obstacles of being born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, they brought their dreams and long boards to the shores of Lake Michigan.

    Often braving 35-degree waters and wind-chill temperatures hovering below zero, the Williams brothers quickly realized the biggest adversaries of the "Malibu of the Midwest" weren’t the lacking waves, but rather hypothermia and frostbite.

    Customizing their wetsuits to allow them to last nearly three hours in even the iciest of waters, Lee and Larry helped revolutionize a surf culture where one had never been before. 

    As hosts of the Dairyland Surf Classic, they became international surfing celebrities and attracted hundreds of surfers from around the globe eager to partake in one of America’s best beach parties.

    Some Like it Cold: Surfing the Malibu of the Midwest is the fascinating story of two brothers whose lifelong journey to ride the ultimate wave seemingly brought the rest of the surfing world to their hometown.

Some Like It Cold: Surfing the Malibu of the Midwest

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by William Povletich and Wisconsin Historical Society Press